Launcing Spring 2010

On the 30 April 2010 Isabell is going back into the water at Bredavik Marina, Sturkö. Here she has rested and had a major facelift (see story about underwater body work winter 2009-10) done. On the dockside her sister ship Akela (Monsun #222) is still under cover. But Isabell is going to Stockholm soon.

After sailing into Tallebryggans Marina in Karlskrona with Ronja and Daniel and Christina to help raise the mast, I filled up the drinking water tank and dieseltank. Raising the mast went smooth, and only took a short while. To celebrate we ate pizza before we sailed home to Mocklo.

Then I left back for Stockholm and the other crew-members went back to Växjö.
On the 24 of June I travelled back to get Isabell sailed up north to Stockholm. In the evening I arrived by train and bus. Rowed the dinghy out to the mooring where she lay anchored. As I got on board I did not notice anything strange. But when I took off my shoes to start getting ready to go to sleep I felt that the carpet was soaking wet. Lifting it up, I saw that the whole floor was covered with water. What happened? Was there a leak? I started to look everywhere. After a while I found the culprit. The drinking water holding tank was leaking in one of the pump fittings and all of the drinking water had run out. So I fixed the leak with a new rubber fitting ring and then had to be without drinking water until the next day. But it could have been worse, at least no through the hull fitting was leaking.

All that happened was that my soxks got wet and I had to get new drinking water in Karlskrona (4 NM away). Bummer.

Tomorrow the big trip to Stockholm was going to start. Exciting.

Author: captain

Johannes, born in 1960 at Zierikzee, The Netherlands, and living in Nacka, Sweden. Owner of S/Y Isabell.

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