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Browsing through the Internet I found some great information about the routes through The Netherlands with a sailboat with the mast still standing (max height for passing is 38 m above water level). In English it can be found here: Blue Heeler HR 39. Highly recommended.
For information about bridges, sluices and opening times you can check on Varen doe je samen (in English).
It is highly recommended to get the dutch Staande Mast Atlas, a set of waterway charts with a lot of useful information. But it is difficult to buy outside of the Netherlands.
This route takes you through the waterways from the very northeast to the southwest of the country. The vessel depth allowed in the main channels is down to 2.5 m. Some sections of the route are covered in convoy. The canals through Amsterdam are only navigated night-time due to the bridges only opening after 02.00 hrs local time.
The route is divided in a northern section through the provinces of Groningen and Friesland down to the large inland lake IJsselmeer. The southern section covers Amsterdam, from the IJsselmeer down to the rivers and delta of the Scheldt river bordering Belgium, near the North Sea coast.

Photo: Isabell with standing mast.

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