COVID-19 and sailing Schengen this summer

A short update on the summer sailing plans. As the sailing season for our part of the World is soon to begin, I have been checking the international regulations on pleasure crafts entering national waters and seaports. At the moment it seems that it is possible to sail from Sweden to Finland and some of the Baltic states. The authorities will check health conditions aboard when a vessel enters national waters from abroad.
Denmark is not allowing foreign pleasure boats entering Danish ports, as they only allow those who have urgent business in Denmark. Pleasure crafts entering are seen upon as non-urgent visits and thus forbidden.
Germany is closed for all travelers from abroad, even from other Schengen countries.
The Netherlands is closed for foreign visiting yachts.
Norway is closed for foreign visiting yachts.

Look at Noonsite for recent updates on the situation at this page:

covid-19 special procedures for foreign pleasure craft sailors

It is not looking promising. Let’s hope things will get better soon.

Author: captain

Johannes, born in 1960 at Zierikzee, The Netherlands, and living in Nacka, Sweden. Owner of S/Y Isabell.

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