Colder weather the further south I get

A short update from the harbour of Kåseberga. Today it was rainy and I am starting to wonder if I should fire up the heater in the boat. It is cold. When I left Stockholm two weeks ago, it was between 28 and 30°C. The further south I get, the cooler it has become. Today hit the bottom record so far, 12°C this morning, 14°C now. But the weather reports say it will get better soon.

Yesterday, I spent biking and hiking through a beautiful nature reserve, Sandhammarens naturreservat. Today, I walked a few miles (6 km) om Skåneleden, a walking path (trail) that crosses from coast to coast in Scania. It was windy, but with beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. As I left the trail to eat my lunch, I stumbled across a dead sheep. So I took a walk down to the nearest farm that I could see, and announced my find. The farmer said he would call his neighbor who owned the sheep. And so I continued on my hike.

Tomorrow I will have a short sail to the city of Ystad. There I will do my last minute shopping in Sweden, before I sail across to Germany. It seems a bit unfair that there are plenty of Danish yachts in the Swedish harbours. Nonetheless, Swedish yachts are banned from the Danish harbours altogether. For me it means that I have to sail right past some of those cosy Danish harbours. I am not welcome.

The Scania coast does remind a little of the North sea coast of Holland, with sand dunes and sandy beaches

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Johannes, born in 1960 at Zierikzee, The Netherlands, and living in Nacka, Sweden. Owner of S/Y Isabell.

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