Large convoy swiftly puttered along to Lemmer to come to a halt completely

Sure enough, I got up the anchor at 09:00 am and motored to the next bridge to conquer. There were already lots of boats waiting for the opening. As we waited, more boats gathered up. By the time the convoy got moving we were at least 20 sailboats and about 10 huge motor yachts. Several of the sailboats were the traditional dutch flat-bottomed beauties. And we moved along fine from bridge to bridge. Before I knew it we were in the last town before coming out on the large inland lake IJsselmeer. I found a harbour spot and went shopping in the town Lemmer. Also had my first damage report of the year 2020. Going into the berthing place I did not see the pole to which the rear of the boat is to be tied up. In tidal water these poles are very tall. But not here. They are only about a meter above water level. Bam! Struck it with the bow anchor. The pole got a huge dent and my anchor roller got bent out of shape. Shit happens once in a while. Anyway, the town is very nice. Busy with tourists. It rained during the night. In the morning I biked around the place.

In the afternoon I got ready to go sailing on the lake and after slowly making my way through town, more bridges to open and a nice old sluice to be lifted up with, I got out on the lake.

And yet I am still in Lemmer. After plowing the waves with a 25 to 30 knots wind coming straight at me, I decided to turn back. My theory is that the province of Friesland has paid the weather gods to prevent tourists from leaving. You can get here, easily. But not leave. Of course another theory could be that I deserve more head wind, since I have not turned around yet, to sail homeward bound.

Now I am in another harbour, along the beach walking boulevard of the town. Just in front of the local casino. Lots of people walk by and have positive comments about Isabell. They know Hallberg Rassy here. Some even notice the “Nacka, Sweden” on the back of the boat and then seem to be impressed. Fun to sit inside and listen to the comments. It is still raining now and then. So I stay at home. Tomorrow is another day of touristing then. I will keep you posted on my non-progress.

Author: captain

Johannes, born in 1960 at Zierikzee, The Netherlands, and living in Nacka, Sweden. Owner of S/Y Isabell.

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