Easter holidays boat fixing

And it is finally time to start prepping Isabell for another boating season. Easter weekend is usually the time to take off the winter shelter and start fixing things on board. The weather so far has been great. On last Thursday I removed the cover from the deck. Since, the new rudder hinge has been put in place. It will still need some polyester work, but the hinge is good. I had bought solid round bronze bars with a 25 mm diameter, that fit perfectly into the bronze hinges. Then I removed the anchor rolling mechanism from the bow and bent it back into its original shape. This was necessary after the collision with a pole in Lemmer, last summer. Started removing loose paint on the underwater body. Will get out the old vacuum cleaner and sanding machine to polish off the old antifouling paint (P60-80 grain sandpaper). After that is done, the primer is put on to finish off with one or two thin layers of hard antifouling. Have to wait until it gets a bit warmer outside. In the meantime, I will install two new genua sheet winches. Almost like the original Lewmar 40’s, only the new ones are selftailing, Lewmar 40ST ocean chrome-bronze winches. They fit nicely on the same holes as the old winches had.
Replaced a few rigging details, and invested in a new decklight, now all the lights are LED-type. The rest of the boat is in rather good shape. Maintenance on the engine is ready, already done in the fall 2020. Looking forward to a great new boating season! Happy Easter!

Date set for 2021 launching

Winter is slowly loosing its grip on the countryside. The sun is starting to warm a little more every day, and the snow is almost all gone. Still frozen on the lake, but more open water for each day that passed. I was at the boat yard this past weekend and have taken off the lower hinge shoe of the rudder. Will order a replacement for the bronze hinge pin, that is fairly worn down. It measures 66 mm and with a starting diameter of 25 mm. I will order a new pin with outher diameter of 25,5 mm to adjust for wearing of the shoe.

The date for launching is set to 23 April 2021. So, a good seven weeks to get Isabell ready to go back in the water. Looking forwards to it!

Winter tasks for a rainy day

Hello again! During the past few weeks I have done some winter tasks. Outside it is grey and mostly dark. Fantastic weather to sit inside and write about precious memories and experiences that may be useful to other sailors. At first I wrote an article about the experience of taking a sailboat across the Netherlands via the standing mast route, in Swedish. In the Swedish language very little decent information is available on this topic. Apart from a number of sailing blogs of folks that have actually made the passage, nothing is available in Swedish. So the article was my number one priority. It can be found on the Sailing Isabell website under the little Swedish flag.

The second article I just finished is about taking a sailboat through the Kiel canal, or the Nord- Ostsee Kanal (NOK) in northern Germany. Also in Swedish, since information is available in German, Dutch, and English, but lacking in Swedish. It was fun to do, since taking me through the NOK memories to remember what was essential, also brought about this enormous sense of joy. It was fun to take this route through the Kiel canal during the past summer. Also this article is available on the website under the little Swedish flag.
Apart from all that, I have been cleaning and fixing details that belong to the Isabell rigging. Since the mast is down this winter, I have the possibility to look over all the rigging details. Checking and replacing the worn parts. So that come Spring the rigging is good for another 4 or 5 years with the mast standing.

We have now made it through all of 2020, a very special year, and ready to meet the coming year with new plans and energy. Let’s hope it will be a good year.