Winter jobs

During the winter of 2012-13 a lot of work needs to be done on Isabell. In icy cold winter with deep snow and thick ice the first big project is to disassemble the whole steering setup and get it home for a paint overhaul. The sails are shipped to UK Syversen for fitting of a new genua sail. The underwater body is going to be painted. So Monica and the captain crawl around under the hull, in knee-deep snow, to remove all of the old paint from the underwater body. It takes many hours and loads of sanding paper. Finally, when all done, a bit of Spring weather arrives in the middle of April, and the new paint can be put on, first a couple of layes Gelshield 200 epoxi-paint, and then two or three layers of thin Teflon anti-foulant without metals like copper or zinc. Teflon is great, once in place. It is unhealthy business, painting it on. Need a lot of personal protective clothing. But once it sits there, it is easy to clean and needs very little maintenance.

Soon Spring will melt the ice and snow, and Isabell is back in the water (planned on May 2nd).

Also the newly cleaned curtains are in place, new fuse box installed on the engine, new anchor roller in the bow, fixed stopcock in the toilet to sea line, and much more…

Sailing season is here soon! YEAH!