Day 7 – Karlskrona-Stockholm

Thursday 1 July 2010
58* 47.03 N 017* 50.17 E just SW
of Torö (Landsort)

On our way at 1040 local time. Nice weather, Winds W 4-8 ms
sail inside the archipelago and here we meet many sailing boats on their way every which way. But there is good space and the wind is right. We are still a bit tired from yesterday, so we decide not to make this leg too long.

At 1700 local time we are in Askfatharbour at Dalarö after a very nice straight line sailing tour. Todays distance sailed 30 NM. Position 59* 08.14 N 018* 24.12 E.

Askfathamnen is a nice guest harbour to visit. Excellent service. Wlaking distance to the stores and town centre. Dalarö is a must see! We go shopping for some food and a treat of ice-cream. Well earned. We eat a nice dinner with some wine and good toetje!!!
Hah! Back into the race. Barometer is going up again. Better weather on the way. Let’s hope it will be some wind as well. Goodnight!

Day 6 – Karlskrona-Stockholm

Wednesday 30 June 2010
Fångö anchorage outside Waldemarsvik
58* 10 N 016* 56.17 E

On our way at 1000 local time. Nice weather, Winds S-SW 6-8 ms
We pass the lighthouse Gustav Dalen late in the afternoon (1930) and decide to go for the island of Landsort southern Stockholm archipelago today. It is still a ways off but the winds are fair and the waves reasonable. So we go for it. Then the wind dies down…

2340 local time we drop anchor outside Landsort, in a nice cove at
position 58* 47.03 N 017* 50.17 E just SW
of Torö. We are very tired but happy to have got this far
already. We are in the Stockholm archipelago!!! YES. The least 15 NM we sailed with the help of the many lighthouses and lit marker buoys as navigational aids. Dark when we drop anchor.

Todays trip was 55.2 NM long.

Day 5 – Karlskrona Stockholm

Tuesday 29 June 2010
Kråkelunds archipelago anchorage
57*32.028 N 016* 45.831 E

On our way at 1030 local time. Nice weather, Winds W-SW 5-7 ms
We pass the entrance to Västervik and have good winds to sail a reasonable distance today. Not much noted in the logbook.

At 2100 local time we drop anchor outside Waldemarsvik, in a nice cove at position 58* 10 N 016* 56.17 E (todays distance sailed 35.9 NM) just S of Fångö. Beautiful. We are very tired but happy to have got this far already.

Day 4 – Karlskrona-Stockholm

Monday 28 June 2010
Borgholm harbour
56*53 N 016* 38 E

On our way at 1030 local time. Nice weather, Winds S 5-7 ms Again 22*C in the air. But the barometer is falling slowly. Better enjoy the weather while it lasts. We have wind and from the south so we have the foresail out on the spinnaker boom and just enjoy the ride…

Later in the afternoon the wind picks up again (S-SW 8-10 ms) and we have the wind against the current, so waves a growing short but high (>2 m). No big deal, but quite a contrast with the easy flat sea from the past few days.

At 2040 local time we drop anchor in a small bay in the Kråkelund archipelago on the side of the mainland Sweden. Our position is now 57* 32.028 N 016* 45.831 E

The natural surroundings are beautiful. Well worth a visit. We have 7m water under the boat, and this cove is well protected from all sides. Time for a quick late dinner and then turn in for getting on our way early tomorrow.

Goodnight! Here is a picture of Blå Jungfrun.
And a grumpy skipper!

Day 3 – Karlskrona-Stockholm

Sunday 27 June 2010
Berkvara Harbour/Marina
56*24,032 N 016* 05,407 E

On our way at 0925 local time. Nice weather, air temperature 22*C, Winds W-SW 0-2 ms
Hardly any wind, we have to go on engine power. At 1100 hrs we pass mittgrundet in the Kalmarsund sound, still no wind. We set up the bimini-top over the cockpit, because the sun is burning down on us. Could be worse!

When we get past Kalmar and under the Öland bridge, the sea breeze picks up a little and we manage to sail the rest of the day on all sails up, wind SW 4-6 ms.
At dinnertime we get into harbour at Borgholm guestharbour (gästhamn) on the island of Öland. Position 56* 53.306 N 016* 37.922 E at 1840 local time.

In the evening we go for a walk in the town, not much to do here. Fix a couple of things and bunker drinking water again. In Karlskrona I did not dare fill the whole tank, in case it would still be leaking. But it did not leak. So now we can fill up tops.

Day 2 – Karlskrona-Stockholm

Saturday 26 June 2010
Senoren SXK buoy
56*07,74 N 016* 02,49 E

On our way at 0935 UTC. Nice weather, Winds W-SW 5-7 ms
We sail out past Torhamn and Långören into the Baltic Sea. After about 1 and a half hour sailing we are in the open sea. From here we set course toward our favourite harbour, Bergkvara on the Kalmar coast. We pass the entrance to the nice picturesque village of Konstantinopel, with a popular harbour and the site of constant historic battles between the Swedish and Danish Crowns.

After a smooth and pleasant tour we end up in the harbour of Bergkvara at 1640 UTC, in time for dinner. Everything is in ship-shape and functioning well today. Yipppie!
Turning in early for an early start tomorrow. Goodnight.

Position Bergkvara harbour 56*24,032 N 016*05,407 E (todays distance 30.7 NM)

Day 1 – Karlskrona-Stockholm

25 June 2010
Senoren SXK buoy.

Getting Isabell ready for the trip to Stockholm. This evening Christina is taking the train down and she will accompany the skipper on the trip (at least for part of the way). It is nice weather and the Karlskrona Archipelago is shrouded in Spring colours. Beautiful.
In the afternoon the mooring is cast off and I take a trip in to Karlskrona to pick up new water, more diesel and Christina, who is to arrive in the evening by train. A lot of people are out in boats. Nice.

The train is late, but finally we are on our way. Since it got so late we decide to go back to the SXK mooring buouy at Senoren and ly there over night. When there we enjoy a beautiful sunset. Now we are all set to go. Stockholm here we come!

Good night.

Launcing Spring 2010

On the 30 April 2010 Isabell is going back into the water at Bredavik Marina, Sturkö. Here she has rested and had a major facelift (see story about underwater body work winter 2009-10) done. On the dockside her sister ship Akela (Monsun #222) is still under cover. But Isabell is going to Stockholm soon.

After sailing into Tallebryggans Marina in Karlskrona with Ronja and Daniel and Christina to help raise the mast, I filled up the drinking water tank and dieseltank. Raising the mast went smooth, and only took a short while. To celebrate we ate pizza before we sailed home to Mocklo.

Then I left back for Stockholm and the other crew-members went back to Växjö.
On the 24 of June I travelled back to get Isabell sailed up north to Stockholm. In the evening I arrived by train and bus. Rowed the dinghy out to the mooring where she lay anchored. As I got on board I did not notice anything strange. But when I took off my shoes to start getting ready to go to sleep I felt that the carpet was soaking wet. Lifting it up, I saw that the whole floor was covered with water. What happened? Was there a leak? I started to look everywhere. After a while I found the culprit. The drinking water holding tank was leaking in one of the pump fittings and all of the drinking water had run out. So I fixed the leak with a new rubber fitting ring and then had to be without drinking water until the next day. But it could have been worse, at least no through the hull fitting was leaking.

All that happened was that my soxks got wet and I had to get new drinking water in Karlskrona (4 NM away). Bummer.

Tomorrow the big trip to Stockholm was going to start. Exciting.