Launching day 2011

On 3 May 2011 Isabell is going back into the water at the Rastaholm Varv Marina. It is raining that day and +3 degrees Celcius in the air. But it is done! At 15.45 Isabell is floating in the harbour. The engine starts right away and off we are for a little tour around the Marina. I get to stay in a slot on the Guest harbour pontoon jetty. In the rain, then, I put up the boom and sails, stackpack, anchorage gear and rescue materials over deck. Checked for leaks throughout the ship. No leaks! Good.

Ready to sail. During the 4-6 May provisions are stored aboard, and all gear is checked. The new generator appears to work ok.

Sailing season is over

This is 2011 seasons last sailing trip. 4 degrees outside, sunny and icy winds. The bridge between Stockholm seaside and the lake Malaren (inside) was closed for repairs, so Monica and the skipper had to sail a 3 day around the corner trip to get to the winter-harbour. Only 97 NM… But we had some pretty nice sailing on the way!!! : )

In the end of October Isabell was lifted out of the water. The hull in spite of not having used antifouling paint had only a few barnacles just around the rudder blade and the propeller shaft. Amazing that she kept so clean. Now it is too cold to do any work on the ship. Have to wait until it gets a bit warmer again. In the meantime, some work can be done at home. A short list of things-to-do is sitting on the kitchen table. Later!