Goodbye Gotland

Sunday 26 July 2009
position Burgsvik 57*02.13 N 018*15.49 E
at 0800 UTC we are off and shall try to sail in a straight bearing toward the island Öland. The wind is W-NW and we start with a 10 ms in the morning. We have both sails up, good speed through the water but the current against. We run barely 3 knots SOG.
Most of the way it goes well. As we close in on Öland, a thunderstorm on the northern tip of that island makes the wind become very uneven and the waves are nearly 2.5 m high. But Isabell is made for much worse and she sits nicely in the sea. Smooth as a babies skin!
At 1630 UTC we take down the sails and start the engine. Gushes are near 18 ms, while the average wind is only 8-10 ms. At 1800 UTC we reach Kårehamn on the eastern side of Öland. A small but nice fishing habour and village. In port we buy 20 liters of diesel from the local fishermen. Buy some fish as well. We get a whole bucket of herring for a few crowns. Hmmm. Nice. In the evening the sun comes out and we sit in the cockpit long into the evening. We are on our way home. Now we intend to sail southwards along the eastern side of Öland. Problem is that there are no harbours along this side to find cover in in case the weather turns bad. In that case we will have to seek open sea and stick it out there.
A lot of fishing gear is placed everywhere along the shallows and we nearly sailed over more than one fishing net that was not properly marked. But we are spared that mishapp.

Crossing behind us. Gotland ferry boat. Coming at a pace of 30 knots… Swooffz. Not a good idea to be in the way.

Author: captain

Johannes, born in 1960 in Zierikzee, The Netherlands. Owner of S/Y Isabell. Retired environmental toxicologist, now living aboard and sailing south.