Visby, Gotland after a great sail

Hello again, I am now in the small harbour of Flundreviken, about 3 nm north of Visby harbour. The sailing across between saturday and monday was great. Enough wind most of the time, and hardly any waves to make the trip more of a job. A beautiful sunset and likewise a fantastic sunrise a few hours later. As I was approaching the island of Gotland, it was completely enclosed by a heavy white fog-cloud. Where I was the sun was shining and the sea was smooth. The closer I got to shore, the more of the fog disappeared. And there I saw it, the white calcarous cliffs of the high western shore. Sailing into this little harbour went well, mostly because I knew where to find the narrow entrance. Now I have been here a couple of days and enjoyed visiting with my daughter and her family. She lives here in Visby, year-round. Isabell is in good shape. No worries. Here it is great to have my folding bike out. Super to just bike around and enjoy the countryside.

Tomorrow I will probably start sailing north toward the lesser island of Fårö, just north of Gotland. Right now the birds are singing and folks are polishing and fixing with their boats (mostly small motor boats). The whole trip here took a total of 28 hours sailing, and the made distance was 46 nm from Bullandö marina to Landsort. Across the Baltic it was another 74 nm. Not so far away from home, so to speak. Well worth the trip.

Author: captain

Johannes, born in 1960 in Zierikzee, The Netherlands. Owner of S/Y Isabell. Retired environmental toxicologist, now living aboard and sailing south.