Done Canal des Ardennes

Yes! Isabell is still afloat. And I am making slow progress here in France. I have now travelled all of the Meuse and Canal des Ardennes and am now on the Canal lateral d’Aisne. This will take me to the river Oise which flows into the Seine just downstream of Paris. It is a great experience and hard work to do the canals in France. Many locks to go up or down in. The other day I did 27 locks in one day, going down (which is easier than going up). But that was tough! Some of the locks don’t work, so the automatic start does not help. In that case I have called to the VNF water authority and they sent out somebody to help me. Help has been quick to arrive. It keeps being scary to do the locks. Since you never know if it’s going to work or NOT. Until you are through and out of them… I am doing good and Isabell is clearing most of the waterways. Just having problems tying up to quays and jetties, because very shallow in the periferies. But it is basically going alright. Paris soon!

Author: captain

Johannes, born in 1960 in Zierikzee, The Netherlands. Owner of S/Y Isabell. Retired environmental toxicologist, now living aboard and sailing south.

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  1. Thank you James! It is very hard indeed with a Monsun size boat (depth 1,45m) to go through the canals. In a lot of places the depth is not more than a meter, due to real bad maintenance on the canals. VNF is blaming the absence of rainwater, which is ridiculous. Plenty of rain here. Good luck with your Monsun!

  2. Great to know that “l’aventure continue” in France ! We just bought Inga n° 265 , she is in the port of Dunkirk. We are interested to follow your way down to the med. Is hard to find good information about this route that you are doing. Your website is very good, thank you. À bientôt .
    James Chueire

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