Got as far south as Auxerre, Bourgogne

Hello again! Time for an update on my progress so far. Isabell is tied to the quay at Aquarelle-France marina in Auxerre, France. After going through the center of Paris on the Seine river, and having to go back to take Paris by canals, I sailed up the Seine to the Yonne river at Montenau. From there I followed (actually I had the company of a friend, Emmy) we followed the river Yonne into the Canal de Bourgogne at Migennes. And when we were up in the canal, which had a terrible amount of water plants in it, we had to go back out. Canal closed in front of us at Montbard, Bourgogne… We had help of the manager at the LeBoat boat renting firm at Migenne (town is a terrible place) to find a winter mooring at the dock in Auxerre. So, after some touristing in the area, which is beautiful, we docked at Auxerre. That’s where I am now. It is raining a lot, but in between the bad weather we explore the area. Bike rides or long walks are so much fun! Auxerre is a middle size friendly town with all the possible shops nearby. It is also very old and well preserved. So being here for the winter months is not all that bad. However, living in the boat in this awfully wet weather is a bit of a challenge, due to the dampness. I have invested in a oil filled radiator heater and an electric dehumidifier to keep living quarters warm and relatively dry. So far it is still very damp. Going to spend all of December in Sweden, so then the boat will be drier after that. But life is still good. Paris was a disappointment, in spite of visiting a lot of nice places with Emmy, who lives there. So many people, traffic, bad air quality and everything very expensive. Going through Paris underground (Canal de St Martin tunnel – 3.2 km long) was very cool. Cheers for now from Auxerre! Here until early April 2024.

Author: captain

Johannes, born in 1960 in Zierikzee, The Netherlands. Owner of S/Y Isabell. Retired environmental toxicologist, now living aboard and sailing south.